Life is All Miraculous

After getting pregnant and having a baby, I feel as though my heart aches with love evermore. I have known friends who feel this way, too. They say they didn’t think they could fall more in love after marriage but the love multiplies! The greatest love of all that inspires any love is the love of Christ. I remember being pregnant for the first time and feeling so full. Reading about the weekly development of my gift, I felt such deep joy, thankfulness, and love. I wrote letters to Adelle (who is now with us) and need to write letters to baby P.L.R. who will join us May 2013. To go on from here, I can’t put it poetically or elegantly but I fell deeper in love. I understood the gift of life and God’s gift to us that I can be a mommy and a wife. I can live each day intentionally to honor and serve my husband and to love and nurture and teach my child. For knowing this is a gift and with every gift, we must take great care of what we have.  I have done much reading, praying, talking, consulting, and so on with parenting. I find most of all I pray for the wisdom to live daily. In the Bible, in the book of James, the verse says that if we lack wisdom we can ask of God. God is generous and will give the wisdom. I look forward to each phase. I look forward to keeping priorities in order so that I may love well, serve well, respect well, and parent well.

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