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My name is Sudea. I am married to an amazing man. We've been friends for over 14 years. We have four beautiful baby girls!! I am grateful for my family and this opportunity to be a wife and a mom! Thoughts, ideas, and inspiration flow through my mind constantly. This place is my attempt to capture some and share them with you. Connections are important and meaningful to me. My friends are some that add value to my life and shape me into me. My faith in Jesus offers me eternal hope and glory. Locally, I stay involved in ministry and community. I enjoy music, walks around the nature trails that we have around this small town and connecting heart to heart with my gal pals. Learning the art of homemaking and welcoming others into my life is what brings me joy.

Life is All Miraculous

After getting pregnant and having a baby, I feel as though my heart aches with love evermore. I have known friends who feel this way, too. They say they didn’t think they could fall more in love after marriage but … Continue reading

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